Friday, 2 June 2017

7 months later ....

Last year (2016) was abysmal in more ways than one.

The saving glory was the moment when the long wait for embarkation was imminent in its certainty. I kept the pandemonium at bay by praying hard and capitalising on both real and bogus friends; the latter for short-term, momentary release of anguish. Still, a dose of gratefulness to them for a snap of understanding that life's too short to be spent with nonsensical beings. On reflection, I learned to value the peace of mind being with great people. Some say, it is about being wiser as we grow older. Sorry I digress. This post is all about 2016.

I have to move on. Seven months down the line, I am surpassing my set of expectations for 2017. Same time last year, I busied myself with gigs and out-of-town shenanigans with people I care about. However, buried underneath the calm and buoyed-up demeanor was the black hole of uncertainty. I left my job that gave me enough joy goading me to serene and steady existence. I found the strongest motivation out of need to set up my own company and before it could take flight, it was plagued with depression from the repercussions of wrong timing, bad judgment and generally, lack of emotional strength to forge ahead from the grasps of corporate torture. Corporate is perhaps the right terminology. To battle against the higher beings that occupy the top echelon of management is draining and as proven, pointless. The ripple effects travel across the bureaucratic systems and containment becomes a herculean task. You win or lose, it leaves you a marked man. It was the very same script of life that pulled me down despite a favourable outcome. Sometimes, you just have to walk away with head held up high facing for the first time, the many directions of possibilities.

Same time last year, my father passed away. Words would never ever account the immeasurable pain and torment. It was such a great relief that constancy of great people around me help assuage the sufferings. Then GOD had other greater plans. I found offers of job from universities and various health organisations. I found myself having to choose until the offer of life away from home beckoned. I took it as a sign that momentary respite from familiar settings would be fresh.

Abu Dhabi is a fleeting moment but I am grateful.